Podcasting: Radio for the 21st Century

Today, I have created a podcast about how you can use podcasts in your Web 2.0 Classroom. You can listen to it on my PodOMatic site.

As I promised in my podcast, here are some podcasting resources for your viewing and listening pleasure:


Coding the Classroom

HTML code over top of 0's and 1'sCurrently, a large part of the world is shifting towards a knowledge based economy, where technology and computer coding skills reign supreme.  Will your students be prepared to enter this new economy?  This shift is dynamic and the pace of change is unbelievably fast.  To succeed in the knowledge economy, your students need skills like coding and programming to be second nature.  So what do students do when these skills aren’t being taught in the classroom?

First of all, young people are taking learning into their own hands.  Using books and web-based resources, these kids are excelling in the production of websites, apps, and programs.  It comes easy to them, and this might scary for you, their teacher. For example, Thomas Suarez who is just reaching his early teens already has his own company and two iPhone apps for sale.

Teachers be assured, there is no need to be scared.

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