Google Maps to the Rescue!

Google Maps LogoWe all know how invaluable Google Maps are in our daily lives, but what about in the classroom? Google Maps has far more potential then just providing directions. Using Google Maps, students can actually map out space-based information. Rather than memorizing facts about locational events and geographic dispersions, map them out! These maps can be collaborated on and shared via social media – maps are a quintessential part of Web 2.0.

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Learning Management Systems: A Look at Edmodo

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are key to setting up a web presence for your classroom. Basically, they consolidate all of your online course materials, assignments, and course outline/objectives into one place. It’s a bonus if students can interact with you and their peers on the LMS by adding content, commenting, and asking questions. Read the rest of this entry »

Podcasting: Radio for the 21st Century

Today, I have created a podcast about how you can use podcasts in your Web 2.0 Classroom. You can listen to it on my PodOMatic site.

As I promised in my podcast, here are some podcasting resources for your viewing and listening pleasure: